6 Drawer Horizontal Plan File Cabinet (AIM105S)
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A horizontal plan filing cabinet, also known as a flat file cabinet or blueprint cabinet, is a specialized piece of office furniture designed to store large-format documents, such as architectural drawings, engineering plans, maps, and other oversized papers. These cabinets are typically wider than standard vertical file cabinets to accommodate the large documents.

Key features of a horizontal plan filing cabinet include:

  1. Horizontal Drawers: Unlike vertical file cabinets, which have drawers that open from the front, horizontal plan filing cabinets have drawers that open from the top, much like shallow trays. This orientation allows for the easy storage and retrieval of large, flat documents.

  2. Drawer Configuration: The 6 number of drawers in a horizontal plan filing cabinet as per picture above. Each drawer is designed to hold a stack of large documents without folding or creasing.

  3. Flat Top Surface: Many horizontal plan filing cabinets have a flat top surface, which can be used for additional workspace, display, or storage of smaller items.

  4. Materials and Locking Mechanisms: These cabinets is made from metal material. Some models include locking mechanisms to secure the contents of the drawers.

  5. Size and Capacity: Horizontal plan filing cabinets come in various sizes, with the capacity to hold documents of different dimensions. Common sizes include:
    a. A1 size 1154W x 877D x 940H
    b. A0 size 1313W x 1016D x 940H
    c. AQ size 1460W x 902D x 940H


Horizontal plan filing cabinets are commonly used in industries and professions that deal with large drawings and documents, such as architecture, engineering, construction, and surveying. They help keep important documents organized, easily accessible, and protected from damage.

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