Boat shape meeting table with 2 units wooden box base
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Boat shaped meeting table with a wooden box base. This type of design can add a unique and modern touch to your office or meeting space. Here's a brief description of how such a table might look:

Table Shape and Surface: The boat-shaped table design features a gently curved top surface that resembles the shape of a boat hull. This design allows for a larger seating capacity compared to traditional rectangular tables, as it can accommodate more people along the curved sides.

Material: The table's top surface is made from a 25mm thickness melamine laminated board with 2mm thickness ABS edging.

Wooden Box Base: The base of the table consists of two wooden box units. Each unit is essentially a rectangular box made from the same type of wood as the table's surface. The boxes are positioned on the floor and provide sturdy support for the table's top.

Finish and Design: The wooden box base and the table's top can be finished to match the overall aesthetic of the room. This could include various wood stains or finishes to enhance the appearance and protection of the wood. The design might also incorporate minimalist or contemporary elements to ensure the table fits well within modern office environments.

Seating Arrangement: Due to the boat-shaped design, attendees can be seated along the curved sides, allowing for better visibility and communication among participants. The boat shape also creates a focal point in the room, making meetings more engaging.

Customization: Since this is a specialized design, you might consider working with AIM consultant who can create a custom boat-shaped meeting table with the sizes that you have in mind.

Remember that the details of the design can vary based on your preferences, available space, and the expertise of the our AIM furniture makers. When designing such a table, it's important to balance aesthetics with functionality to create a versatile and stylish meeting space.

Standard sizes (mm) :
a. 3000W x 1200D x 750H
b. 3600W x 1200D x 750H
c. 4200W x 1500D x 750H
d. 4800W x 1500D x 750H
e. 6000W x 1500D x 750H

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