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Setting up a call center office workstation requires careful consideration of furniture and equipment to ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment for your employees. Here's a list of essential furniture and equipment for call center workstations:
  1. Cubicles or Desks: Choose modular workstations or cubicles that provide privacy and noise reduction.

  2. Material table top : 25mm thickness Melamine laminated board
    Ergonomic Chairs:
    Invest in ergonomic chairs that offer proper lumbar support and adjustability to prevent discomfort and strain during long hours of sitting.

  3. Storage Solutions: Each workstation should have storage options like drawers or filing cabinets to keep essential documents and personal items organized.

  4. Cable Management: Implement cable management solutions to keep cords and cables organized and prevent clutter.

  5. Safety Measures: Install security measures like lockable cabinets or lockers to keep personal items secure.

  6. Adjustable Workstation Accessories: Consider adding adjustable monitor arms, keyboard trays, and monitor stands to allow employees to customize their workstations for comfort.

  7. Remember that the layout and arrangement of workstations should allow for easy communication between team members and supervisors while also providing some level of privacy for individual work. Additionally, regularly assess and update your workstation furniture and equipment to meet changing needs and technology advancements.

    Size (mm) available :
    a. 900W x 600D x 750/1200H
    b. 1050W x 600D x 750/1200H
    c. 1200W x 600D x 750/1200H
    d. 1200W x 750D x 750/1200H

    Colour fabric :

    Colour table top :

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